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1. Bayesian Algorithm for Reconstructing Climate Anomalies in Space and Time [BARCAST]
Reconstructing the spatial pattern of a climate field through time from a data set of overlapping instrumental and climate proxy time series is a non-trivial statistical problem. The need to transform ...

2. SiteSeer - Software for Visualizing the Contents of a Pollen Database [SiteSeer]
SiteSeer is software for visualizing, in summary form, the contents of a Pollen Database. SiteSeer runs under any version of Microsoft Windows. SiteSeer includes a map and a datafile for each of the ...

3. PALYHELP - Statistical Software for Palynological and Paleoecological Research Data [PalyHelp]
PalyHelp is a suite of six programs for solving Mosimann's equations for confidence limits, and programs for solving and testing pollen concentration data. These programs run on Microsoft Windows, ...

4. REDFIT - Estimating Red-noise Spectra Directly from Unevenly Spaced Paleoclimatic Time Series [REDFIT]
REDFIT software estimates red-noise spectra directly from unevenly spaced time series, without requiring interpolation. Spectra of paleoclimatic time series commonly show a continuous decrease of ...

5. Pollen Viewer [NCDC_CLIMATE_POLLEN]
The NOAA Paleoclimatology World Data Center (WDC) Pollen Viewer is an interactive animation that allows the user to see spatial distribution changes in 50 North American pollen taxa from 21,000 years ...

6. Inter-Laboratory Mass Spectrometer Calibration Programs [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_1999-065]
These are Inter-Laboratory Mass Spectrometer Calibration Programs using empirically derived equations as described in Ostermann (2000). FORTRAN program files mat_convert.f and mat_unmix.f, and ...

7. Paleovu - A Free Browse and Visualization Tool for Paleoclimate Data [Paleo_Vu-00]
PaleoVu is a complete browse and visualization tool for all types of paleoclimate and paleoecological data. Point and click to create queries, list site information, display or plot variables and ...

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