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Magnetic Field/Electric Field Instruments (63)
3da, ampte/irm magnetometer, diflux magnetometers, dwp, eeca...
Ultraviolet Instruments (56)
cds, egs, eis, eit, esum...
Particle Detectors (179) Parameter Definition
3dp, aa, aas, aps, aspoc...
Visible/Infrared Instruments (12)
acrim, acrim ii, acrim iii, cedar imager, sofia...
Photon/Optical Detectors (332)
aia-sdo, airglow sensor, airglow/aurora imager, ap, coronagraphs...
X-Ray/Gamma Ray Detectors (61)
batse, bcs, cxri, edax, edxa...
Radio Wave Detectors (34)
broadbeam riometers, imaging riometers, radio telescopes, riometer, rpi...
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