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1. Global Tropospheric Experiment (GTE/TRACE-A) Model Forcing and Data for the GEWEX Cloud System Study Data Integration for Model Evaluation (GCSS-DIME) [GISS_GCSS-DIME_GTETRACEA]
An aircraft campaign was conducted from 21 September through 24 October 1992 as the NASA Global Tropospheric Experiment - Transport and Atmospheric Chemistry near the Equator-Atlantic (GTE/TRACE-A) ...

2. Global Tropospheric Experiment [GTE]   CHILD DIFs
The Global Tropospheric Experiment (GTE) is a major component of the NASA Tropospheric Chemistry Program. GTE consists of a series of airborne field experiments designed to (1) evaluate the capability ...

3. TRAnsport and Chemical Evolution over the Atlantic (TRACE-A) Data [GTE_TRACE-A_Data]   PARENT DIF
The objectives of the Transport and Chemistry Experiment in the Atlantic (TRACE-A), conducted over Eastern Brazil, the South Atlantic Ocean and South Africa during September and October 1992, were ...

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