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1. Psychological surveys and interviews of visitors to Antarctica over three phases of their journey [K073_2003_2004_NZ_1]
Visitors to Antarctica (Ross Sea Region) were examined via survey and questionnaires over three phases of their experience; 1) anticipation of the visit, 2) during the on-site visit and 3) upon return ...

2. Parameters affecting sensory and metabolic adaptations in Antarctic vertebrates and invertebrates [K022_1990_1991_NZ_1]
The sense organs of three species of Antarctic fish and Antarctic octopus, scallops and collembolans were fixed for electron microscopy. Pigmented spots around the oral cavity of nemertean worms, ...

3. Algal response to transplantation with a ice core flipping experiment, Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea [K043_2006_2008_NZ_2]
Three ice cores were drilled in sea ice (2.1 m thick) in the region of Gondwana Station in Terra Nova Bay during the 06-07 season. The cores were stored in black plastic bags and then replaced back ...

4. Evaluation of the suitability of conservationally acceptable materials for treating wood in the polar environment to reduce wood deterioration. [K021_1998_2008_NZ_4]
In the 1998-1999 season, three test racks with wood panels were erected near the three historic huts at Hut Point, Cape Evans and Cape Royds. The racks were placed outside the historic hut boundaries ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4

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