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1. Behavioral observations, blood and fecal samples taken from Adelie penguins at Shell Glacier and Cape Crozier to detect the impact of human disturbance [K027_2003_2006_NZ_1]
Long term studies of the impacts of human disturbance on adelie penguins using a range of key behavioural, ecological and physiological measures are required to establish logical management regimes ...

2. Behavioural observations of nest site selection in Adelie penguins at Cape Bird [K121_1986_1987_NZ_2]
Virtually all penguins return to their natal rookeries to breed, after spending a couple of years at sea. A majority of young birds of both sexes end up settling within 200 m of their natal nest ...

3. Mutation and extinction rates in Adelie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) populations from fossil bones and blood samples collected from several sites in the Ross Sea Region [K030_2001_2005_NZ_1]
Recent studies on the evolution of mitochondrial DNA in Adelie penguins has found high rates of mutation sparking a major controversy and raising the question of whether evolutionary rates are high ...

4. The evolution of microsatellite and mitochondrial genes of Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) from DNA samples taken from stratified subfossil penguin bones at penguin colonies [K030_1996_1999_NZ_1]
Evolutionary changes in microsatellite and mitochondrial genes of Adelie penguins was investigated to provide knowledge about the genetic processes and mechanisms that give rise to variation and change ...

5. The length of a female adelie penguin foraging trip after being prevented from going to sea [K063_1987_1988_NZ_1]
One potential proximate cause of the timing of the nest relief cycle of adelie penguins was investigated by testing the hypothesis that the females count the days that they are gone from the nest ...

6. Adelie penguin weights before and after foraging trips from three groups of penguins: control, single egg removed and penned females [K063_1987_1988_NZ_2]
As an index of physiological condition and success of foraging, penguins were weighed early in the season when they were flipper banded and then re-weighed when they returned from their foraging trip. ...

7. Measurements of factors affecting the timing of nest relief in Adelie penguins at Cape Bird [K121_1986_1987_NZ_1]
The timing of nest relief is crucial to the nesting success of adelie penguins. Experiments were conducted to test whether the physiological conditions of the female will determine how long she stays ...

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