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1. Biodiversity survey at Mt Kyffin near the Beardmore Glacier [K024_2002_2003_NZ_4]
A four person party visited an area close to Mt Kyffin on the south side of the Beardmore Glacier and at nearly 84° South latitude. In the 59-60 season the presence of many plants (lichens) and insects ...

2. Soil, nematode, and springtail sample collection from Granite Harbour [K066_2009_2010_NZ_1]
The aim of this study was to determine aspects of the environmental physiology and phylogeography of Antarctic terrestrial invertebrates. Soil samples were collected from Granite Harbour for geochemical ...

3. The collection of fossils, qualitative microbial studies and nitrogen fixation rates of the soils from several sites in the Ross Sea region [K052_1980_1981_NZ_1]
Preliminary qualitative microbiological studies were conducted at several sites in the Ross Sea Region including Cape Bird, Taylor Valley, Wright Valley and Shapeless Mountain and Mistake Peak on ...

4. A quantitative survey of mosses in the McMurdo Sound region [K042_1976_1977_NZ_3]
A quantitative survey of the ecology of mosses in the McMurdo Sound region was conducted in the 1976/77 field season. Moss was found around streams below the Rhone, Hughes and Calkin Glaciers in the ...

5. Floristic surveys, vegetation mapping, soil animals and environmental parameters for algae growth at Cape Bird [K052_1982_1983_NZ_3]
A plant map for Keble Valley was produced and the water channels plotted to determine the factors involved in moss establishment and growth. Water and shelter were found to be the main factors. Temperature ...

6. Microfauna surveys of the vegetation of the Fryxell Stream flush area, Taylor Valley [K024_1989_1990_NZ_2]
Mosses were sampled from the Canada Glacier flush area, Taylor Valley, for included animals (major groups of microfauna in Antarctica are the protozoa, nematoda, tardigrada and rotifers) to attempt ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6

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