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1. Systematic survey and abundance investigations of the microfauna (tardigrades, nematodes and rotifers) in the meltpools of the McMurdo Ice Shelf [K053_1987_1988_NZ_2]
Quantitative examinations of the microfauna associated with the algal felts in small melt pools on the McMurdo Ice Shelf in the vicinity of Bratina Island off the northen tip of Brown Peninsula was ...

2. Collection of tardigrads from areas around the Ross Sea Region to define different species [K014_1975_1976_NZ_1]
Tardigrada, or water bears, are microscopic aquatic invertebrates found in many land and sea habitats. Ultrastructure studies have tried to show their true affinities to other invertebrates. Physiologists ...

3. Genetic sequencing of terrestrial invertebrates along the latitudinal range of the Ross Dependency to determine patterns of biodiversity, phylogenetic relationships and levels of gene flow among populations [K028_1999_2008_NZ_1]
Molecular techniques (allozyme electrophoresis and mitochondrial gene sequencing) were used to characterise the Antarctic terrestrial biodiversity along the latitudinal range of the Ross Dependency ...

4. Investigations of the invertebrate fauna associated with samples of lichen, mosses and green algae taken from sites in Victoria Land and Ross Island [K014_1970_1971_NZ_1]
Lichens mossess and green algae were collected from sites in Victoria Land and Ross Island including Cape Hallett, the Strand Moraines, Blue Glacier, Lake Fryxell, Suess Glacier, Marble Point, Granite ...

5. Microfauna surveys of the vegetation of the Fryxell Stream flush area, Taylor Valley [K024_1989_1990_NZ_2]
Mosses were sampled from the Canada Glacier flush area, Taylor Valley, for included animals (major groups of microfauna in Antarctica are the protozoa, nematoda, tardigrada and rotifers) to attempt ...

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