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1. Nitrogen fixation and carbon assimilation rates of fumarole plants from the Mt Erebus crater rim [K024_1979_1980_NZ_1]
Sterile samples of plants were taken from Mt. Erebus crater rim and returned to New Zealand for in situ acetylene reduction assays for nitrogen fixation and 14C assimilation assays.

2. Nutrient transfer from penguin colonies to the vegetation at Cape Hallett: A measurement of the transfer of organic nitrogen in the form of ammonia [K024_2004_2006_NZ_3]
The transfer of nutrients from marine to terrestrial ecosystems are though to be important for vegetation. The transfer rate of organic nitrogen in the form of ammonia from the penguin colonies to ...

3. Carbon and nitrogen fixation rates from microbial mat populations in moraine ponds on the McMurdo Ice Shelf [K081_2004_2005_NZ_4]
Carbon and nitrogen fixation experiments were conducted on mats collected from 10 of the ponds on the McMurdo Ice Shelf near Bratina Island. Nitrogen fixation was determined via reduction of acetylene ...

4. Ecophysiology (CO2 / O2 exchange, nitrogen fixation rates and chlorophyll a levels) of endolithic algae from Marble Point, Antarctica [K024_1979_1980_NZ_2]
Rocks containing endolithic algae were collected from the Marble Point area. Infra-red gas analysis and Warburg Manometry studies were carried out to ascertain carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange. ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4

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