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1. The hydrology (pattern of flow and composition of meltwater) of a cold based glacier, Wright Lower Glacier, Wright Valley, Antarctica [K064_2004_2007_NZ]   CHILD DIFs
The seasonal melt regime of the Wright Lower Glacier, Wright Valley, Dry Valleys, Antarctica was investigated and monitored over three field seasons (04-05, 05-06 and 06-07). The water cycle, which ...

2. Analysis of air and snow samples in Antarctica for isotope analysis [K001_1960_1975_NZ_1]
Snow samples were collected over a number of seasons for analysis of fission products (deuterium and oxygen isotopes), tritium and sulphur isotope contents. The information would provide the basic ...

3. Measurements of the fixation of nitrogen by auroras and the chemical composition of snow at the south pole [K042_1963_1964_NZ_2]
Two scientists went to the South Pole Station to investigated the chemical composition of the polar snow. Measurements were made of the chemical constituents to determine how much nitrogen is fixed ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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