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1. Screening for infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV), the poultry virus in Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) in the Ross Sea : blood samples from adelie penguins at Cape Bird and Cape Royds [K030_1998_1999_NZ_1]
Antibodies for the infectious bursal disease virus (IBVD) were found in emperor and adelie penguin populations near Australia's Mawson Base. IBDV was not directly detected, nor were any clinical disease ...

2. Soil, wood, hay and feed samples collected from Scotts Hut at Cape Evans to determine the presence/absence of Bacillus sp [K021_1998_2008_NZ_5]
Three soil samples were taken from Hut Point, 73 from Cape Evans and 28 from Cape Royds to determine the presence/absence of Bacillus sp. At Cape Evans, transects were made and soil cores were taken ...

3. Analysis of soil and water samples from the Taylor Valley, Wright Valley and Ross Island areas for pathogenic free living amoebae [K021_1977_1978_NZ_1]
Soil and water was sampled to determine the distribution and occurrence of the pathogenic free living amoebae which are the aetiological agents of Primary Amebic Meningo-encephalitis. Samples were ...

4. Analysis of soil samples (surface and cores), penguin faeces and water for influenza evolution determined from viruses preserved in adelie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) guano at Cape Bird and Cape Adare [K030_1999_2000_NZ_1]
The gene sequence of the influenza virus from the frozen soil beneath Adelie penguin colonies on Ross Island, Antarctica was analysed. Gene sequences from virus stored since 1933 show that the virus ...

5. Analysis of trachea and cloacal swabs and blood samples for influenza virus and arboviruses in Adelie penguins at Cape Bird [K014_1978_1979_NZ_4]
In recent years, evidence has accumulated to indicate that epidemic strains of influenza virus have developed from animal strains, including those occurring in birds. Interest in the ecology of influenza ...

6. Investigating respiratory viruses from Antarctic personnel at Scott Base, McMurdo Station and South Pole Station to determine immune system adaptation to climatic extremes [K016_1975_1976_NZ_1]
Aspects of human biomedical and immunological adaptation to Antarctic isolation was studied including the occurrence of respiratory virus infections in people overwintering in Antarctica and the reasons ...

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