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1. Sea ice cracks, sea ice movement and tide movements of Granite Harbour [K042_1982_1983_NZ_4]
Active spreading sea ice cracks were found in the sea ice of Granite Harbour over several seasons. The cracks would prove difficult for heavy surface transport required for a drill rig site establishment. ...

2. Seafloor bathymetry and sediment sampling from the southwest corner of McMurdo Sound [K042_1982_1983_NZ_3]
A seafloor bathymetry and sediment sampling program was conducted in McMurdo Sound aboard the USGS GLACIER to take deep water samples not accessible from the sea ice, to sample off Granite Harbour ...

3. Analysis of bottom sediments within the Ross Sea to determine the sedimentation regime of the area [K008_1972_1973_NZ_2]
The collection of a series of bottom grab samples in the Ross Sea were made over three weeks from the USCGS Northwind. The aim was to study the sedimentation regime in the Ross Sea. 30 grab stations ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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