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1. Oceanographic and sea ice measurements to determine the influence of platelet ice on the freezing of land fast sea ice [K131_2003_2004_NZ_1]
An understanding of the formation of platelet ice in McMurdo Sound and consequently its influence on the formation of land fast sea ice was investigated over a winter season when ice formation begins ...

2. The distribution of path lengths taken by light as it scatters through sea ice [K132_1990_1993_NZ_1]
The spatial spreading of light introduced at a point on the surface of the ice and the temporal spreading of a brief pulse of light injected at a point was measured to clarify the details of the interaction ...

3. The structure (temperature, salinity, density and heat capacity) and transmissivity of sea ice [K132_1989_1990_NZ_1]
The transparency of sea ice to UV radiation was measured to determine the effects of enhanced UV levels on Antarctic life. The under ice radiance is controlled by the transmission of the sea ice to ...

4. Determination of the thermal conductivity of sea ice from measurements of ice temperature (and temperature gradients), salinity, ice microstructure and other environmental parameters [K131_2002_2004_NZ_1]
The polar oceans' sea ice cover strongly modifies ocean-atmosphere heat transfer. Despite its importance, existing circulation models and large scale sea ice models include overly simplistic parameterizations ...

5. Measurements of the physical properties of Antarctic fast ice and their variations throughout the growth season [K213_1986_1987_NZ_1]
The physical properties of Antarctic fast ice were investigated throughout a full year of growth. The aim of the project was three fold; 1) to document the basic physical properties of Antarctic fast ...

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