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1. Sea ice cracks, sea ice movement and tide movements of Granite Harbour [K042_1982_1983_NZ_4]
Active spreading sea ice cracks were found in the sea ice of Granite Harbour over several seasons. The cracks would prove difficult for heavy surface transport required for a drill rig site establishment. ...

2. The ecology (tidal and weather records, distribution and abundance of microbes and quantification of nitrogen transformation) of an Antarctic tidal lagoon and mudflats at Bratina Island, McMurdo Ice Shelf [K081_1992_1993_NZ_2]
A tidal lagoon at Bratina Island experiences a daily inundation with tidal height varying. Low tide reveals a network of ponds, streams and tidal flats that appear to be highly productive with all ...

3. The installation of a tide gauge and a meteorological mast at Cape Roberts [K042_1988_1990_NZ_1]
A tide gauge was installed on the fast ice on the eastern side of Cape Roberts and recorded continuously for fifty days (19 November, 1988 to 8 January, 1989) - first continuous tide record from the ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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