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1. Soil chemistry and soil CO2 concentration and isotopic composition from sites in Taylor Valley and the Lake Wellman area [K072_2008_2010_NZ_1]
This study aimed to understand the origin and dynamics of pedogenic carbonate in Antarctic soils, with a long-term view to understanding the formation of carbonate and the storage and turnover of ...

2. Soil studies of the Ross Sea Region 1959-2009 [K150_1959_2009_NZ_1]
Antarctic soils have been investigated in the Ross Sea Region for 50 years. The cumulative studies have resulted in a large literature base of knowledge on various subjects on the soils from various ...

3. Soil, surface rocks and stone samples from the Beacon Valley area for microtexture analysis of quartz grains [K105_1997_1998_NZ_2]
Samples from pits, surface rocks, stones and from outcrops were collected for examination and analysis to determine the processes which quartz grains from the Beacon sandstone have been through before ...

4. Triassic paleoecology in south Victoria Land: A vegetation model (plant fossils and palaeosols) in Triassic alluvial plains [K042_1982_1983_NZ_6]
Triassic plant fossils and palaeosols were sampled from four mountains (Mt Bastion, Portal Mountain, Shapeless Mountain and Allan Hills) with the aim of establishing a model of vegetation on the Triassic ...

5. Geological investigation into the mode of origin of the Wright and Taylor Valleys [K042_1969_1970_NZ_2]
The Labyrinth area in the Wright Valley is an unusual area of very steep gullies with flat treads between, which form a box canyon type topography. The mode of origin of the area is a controversial ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5

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