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1. The ANDRILL drilling project - 1284.87 m and 1138.54 m sediment cores from below the McMurdo/Ross Ice Shelf [K001_ANDRILL]   CHILD DIFs
ANDRILL (ANtarctic DRILLing project) is a multinational (Germany, Italy, New Zealand and USA) initiative to investigate the climate and tectonic history of Antarctica by recovering deep sediment ...

2. The Cape Roberts Project [K001_Cape_Roberts_Project]
The Cape Roberts Project was a multinational project in which the Antarctic programmes of Australia, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA collaborated together to take a series ...

3. Velocity logging of the CIROS-1 drillhole and determination of the geological structure in the immediate vicinity of the CIROS-1 drillhole using seismic reflection techniques (marine airgun sound source) [K042_1986_1987_NZ_1]
Measurement of the downhole velocity of the CIROS-1 drillhole after the completion of drilling by lowering a hydrophone down the drillhole was unsuccessful due to equipment failure. Determination ...

4. CIROS Project: Obtaining Cenozoic history of the Ross Sea by coring sedimentary strata offshore [K001_CIROS_PROJECT]
The CIROS (Cenozoic Investigation in the Western Ross Sea) drilling project was conducted to obtain a record of the early history of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and the rise of the Transantarctic Mountains. ...

5. Geophysical investigations (seismic, aero and ground base magnetic, gravity, GPR and bathymetry surveys) of the tectonic, sedimentary and volcanic history of the Victoria Land Basing - site survey for ANDRILL project [K001_ANDRILL_SITE_SURVEYS]
A multi-national team (Germany, Italy, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA) undertook seismic reflection, aeromagnetic surveys, ground-based magnetic and gravity measurements to image the ...

6. High resolution seismic data collected from the RV Nathaniel B Palmer operating in southern McMurdo Sound to determine the timing of fault and basin formation in the Victoria Land Basin [K103_2003_2004_NZ_1]
Over 2,500km of high resolution seismic data was collected from the Ross Sea Region in the Victoria Land Basin to provide information to determine the history of ice margin and water depth changes ...

7. McMurdo Sound Sediment and Tectonic Studies (MSSTS) [McMurdo_Sound_Sediment_and_Tectonic_Study]
The main purpose of the MSSTS project is to obtain a record of the early history of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet and to date its initiation in the Ross Sea region. In addition, it was hoped to relate ...

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