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1. Predicting contaminant impacts at Lake Vanda, Antarctica [K094_1995_1997_NZ_1]
Samples of water, phytoplankton, sediment, soil and bacterial mat were sampled from Lake Vanda and the old Vanda station site, in order to determine the fate of trace metal contaminants and their ...

2. Sampling based chemical and biogeochemical stratification profiles of melt water ponds at Bratina Island, McMurdo Ice Shelf [K081_2005_2006_NZ_2]
A comprehensive suite of geochemical samples and measurements from a selection of meltwater ponds at Bratina Island was collected in the 2005/06 and 2006/07 seasons. The purpose was to help identify ...

3. The change in metabolism, and chemical and physical dynamics, after a transition from light to dark conditions, of melt water ponds on the McMurdo Ice Shelf [K081_2007_2008_NZ_1]
Detailed assessments of the metabolism in one melt water pond on the McMurdo Ice Shelf was investigated. The pond chosen had considerable background knowledge on its general chemistry and biology, ...

4. The factors controlling planktonic primary and secondary production in 22 meltwater ponds varying in chemical conditions, and in layers of stratified ponds [K081_2006_2007_NZ_1]
The importance of the large differences in chemistry in the ponds of the McMurdo ice shelf for their planktonic productivity was examined by comparing rates of primary (algal) production and secondary ...

5. The physical and biological structure of the water column in Lake Vanda and the influences to it from the inflow of the Onyx River [K081_1993_1996_NZ_2]
The waters of Lake Vanda, Wright Valley have risen at a rate of 1m per year. The rise was largely attributed to increased flows in its only significant inflow, the Onyx River. Prior to the first flows ...

6. The structure and environmental physiology of Antarctic cyanobacterial mats in the McMurdo Ice Shelf ecosystem [K081_1989_1990_NZ_1]
A detailed understanding of how cyanobacterial mats in the ponds of the McMurdo Ice Shelf are structured and how they derive their carbon, nitrogen and energy supply was investigated with a broad ...

7. An ecological study of Bird Pond at Cape Bird: water parameters, population density and identification plants and animals [K014_1970_1971_NZ_3]
A seasonal ecological study was carried out at Bird Pond, Cape Bird. At weekly intervals the water temperature, depth, conductivity, pH and light were recorded, water samples were analysed for oxygen, ...

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