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1. Earth System Science Workbench: Global Net Primary Production Data Products [UCSB_ESSW_GNPP]
Global net primary production fields will be made available through the Earth System Science Workbench (ESSW). The fields will be synthesized from ocean remote sensing (currently AVHRR; eventually ...

2. UCSB Earth System Science Workbench (ESSW): AVIRIS Imagery [UCSB_ESSW_AVIRIS]
The Earth System Science Workbench (ESSW) and the Snow Hydrology Group in the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UCSB has a partial archive of NASA/JPL's Airborne Visible/Infrared ...

3. Earth System Science Workbench: AVHRR Level 1b Data [UCSB_Bren_ESSW_AVHRR_L1b]
ICESS operates a SeaSpace TeraScan ground station that automatically receives and processes HRPT telemetry from the AVHRR sensors on board the NOAA polar-orbiting satellites. We've programmed the ...

4. Earth System Science Workbench: Global Surface Radiation Data Products [UCSB_ESSW_GSR]
The 2001 program is a radiative transfer model that calculates solar radiation flux to the surface. The model is based on simple, physical modeling of the most important radiative processes ...

5. Earth System Science Workbench: Real-time Snow Extent and Albedo Data Products from AVHRR and MODIS [UCSB_ESSW_SNOWEXTENT_ALBEDO]
The Earth System Science Workbench (ESSW) will make available snow extent (snow fraction per pixel) and spectral albedo, derived in real-time for western North America from AVHRR data acquired by ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5

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