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1. Radiocarbon age of organic carbon bound in diatom frustules [Diatom_bound_organic_C_14C_age]
This data set is comprised of radiocarbon ages derived from organic carbon that is bound in diatom frustules found in sediment cores from the Southern Ocean. The sediments were analyzed ...

2. Radiocarbon ages of individual fatty acids from Ross Sea sediments [Ross_Sea_seds_14C_fatty_acids]
The researchers have measured the radiocarbon contents of individual solvent-extractable short-chain (C14, C16, and C18) fatty acids isolated from Ross Sea surface sediments. The corresponding ...

3. Radiocarbon ages of sterols and of total organic carbon from Weddell Sea and Gerlache Strait sediments [Seds_14C_compound_classes_TOC]
Sterols in a core from the Schollaert Drift, Gerlache Strait, Antarctica can be used successfully to determine the ages of sediment horizons. It has, however, not been possible to extend ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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