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1. MNA - Sezione di Genova - (Marine Biological Samples) [scarmarbin_1040]   PARENT DIF
Since 1985, many different Italian scientific groups have outlined and carried out basic and applied research studies and projects in Antarctica, covering many research fields but, especially, marine ...

2. SCAR Marine Biodiversity Information Network [SCAR-MarBIN]   CHILD DIFs
SCAR-MarBIN (SCAR Marine Biodiversity Information Network) establishes and supports a distributed system of interoperable databases, forming the Antarctic Regional OBIS Node, under the ...

3. Study of Southern Ocean Biota - Ecology of Benthic and Pelagic Antarctic Marine Animals [RU_RIHMI-WDC_394]
This dataset describes some aspects of the study of the Southern ocean biota (ecology of benthic and pelagic antarctic marine animals) and first of all the collection of the Zoological Institute RAN ...

4. The distribution and abundance patterns of meroplankton in the Ross Sea region [K018_2002_2008_NZ_1]   CHILD DIFs
The pelagic community of the Ross Sea consists of a permanent component (=holoplankton) and a temporary component which is primarily made up from the larval stages of benthic marine invertebrates ...

5. The temporal variation of meroplankton at Cape Roberts [K018_2008_2009_NZ_2]   PARENT DIF
Samples of meroplankton were collected through the ice as a feasibility study (of planktonic larval growth and nutrition) in the 2001-2002 field season. Samples were collected from Cape Evans about ...

6. Antarctic Echinoids: an interactive database [SCAR-MarBIN] [Ant_Echinoids_SCARMarBIN]   PARENT DIF
"Antarctic Echinoids" is an interactive database synthesising the results of more than 100 years of Antarctic expeditions. It comprises information about 81 echinoid species ...

7. Antarctic Euphausiacea Occurrence Data from ITALICA 2000 Expedition [SCAR-MarBIN] [Euphausiacea_ITALICA2000]   PARENT DIF
ITALICA 2000 Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) occurrence data from the Ross Sea.

8. Electron Microscope Database [em_database]
This database contains information pertaining to the negatives taken by the laboratory since its inception. Both scanning and transmission electron micrographs are catalogued within this database. ...

Showing 1 through 8 of 8

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