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1. ANTXXIII-8 Birds and Mammals Observations [SCAR-MarBIN] [scarmarbin_ANTXXIII8TP]   PARENT DIF
This dataset is a compilation of observation recorded by Henri Robert (Royal Belgian Instiute of Natural Sciences) and Gauthier Chapelle (International Polar Foundation) during the ANTXXIII-8 ...

2. New Porifera from the ANDEEP II and III expeditions [scarmarbin_1542]   PARENT DIF
New species and new occurrences of Polymastiidae and Suberitidae (Demospongiae) and Hexactinellida from the deep Weddell Sea, published or in press.

3. SCAR Marine Biodiversity Information Network [SCAR-MarBIN]   CHILD DIFs
SCAR-MarBIN (SCAR Marine Biodiversity Information Network) establishes and supports a distributed system of interoperable databases, forming the Antarctic Regional OBIS Node, under the ...

4. Study of Southern Ocean Biota - Ecology of Benthic and Pelagic Antarctic Marine Animals [RU_RIHMI-WDC_394]
This dataset describes some aspects of the study of the Southern ocean biota (ecology of benthic and pelagic antarctic marine animals) and first of all the collection of the Zoological Institute RAN ...

5. Antarctic Euphausiacea Occurrence Data from Norwegian Antarctic Research Expedition 1979 [SCAR-MarBIN] [Euphausiacea_NOR2]   PARENT DIF
Krill occurrence data off Bouvetöya and in the southern Weddell Sea from the Norwegian Antarctic Research Expedition 1979.

Showing 1 through 5 of 5

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