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AFI (2) Aquarius Flight Inc.
ESRI-SWEDEN (1) Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. - Sweden
ALTALIS (2) AltaLIS Ltd.
ET (1) Europa Technologies, Ltd
AVISO (11) Archiving, Validation and Interpretation of Satellite Oceanographic Data
EURIMAGE (4) Eurimage S.p.A.
AWIS (1) Agricultural Weather Information Service, Inc.
GATS, INC. (1) GATS, Inc.
AWS (1) AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc.
GDAIS (3) General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
AWST (1) AWS Truewind
GETECH (2) Geophysical Exploration Technology
Airbus Defence and Space Geo (2)
HDPI (2) Hydrosphere Data Products Inc.
BASF/ARS (2) Agricultural Research Station, BASF Aktiengeselschaft
HGML (1) Hamilton Global Management, Ltd
BP (1) BP p.l.c.
INFOTERRA (9) Infoterra
BPS (1) Backhuys Publishers B.V.
KSAT (4) Kongsberg Satellite Services
BSSBM/S-V (2) Springer-Verlag, BertelsmannSpringer Science+Business Media
LI (1) Luna Imaging, Inc
CAMPBELL-SCI (1) Campbell Scientific, Inc.
MARTEC (2) Martec, Ltd
CANADAX (2) Canadax Industrial Group Limited
OCEANOR (1) Oceanographic Company of Norway AS
CARIS (2) Computer Aided Resource Information System
RS (52) Resurgent Software
CBL (1) Collins Bartholomew Ltd.
RSI (35) RADARSAT International
CCORS (1) Center for Climate/Ocean Resources Study
RSS (17) Remote Sensing Systems
CHEVRON (3) Chevron Corp.
SA (4) Sycamore Associates
CMRN (1) Clary-Meuser Research Network
SA-INC (1) Sylvan Ascent Inc.
CPC (1) ConocoPhillips Company
SAIC (3) Science Applications International Corporation
DMTI (2) Desktop Mapping Technologies Inc.
SP (2) Spatial Ecology
DTI-UK/SEP/WAVEGEN (1) Wavegen, Sustainable Energy Programme, Department of Transportation and Industry, United Kingdom
SPOT/FR (2) SPOT Image Corporation, France
EIDETIC (4) Eidetic Digital Imaging Ltd.
TCS (1) The Climate Source, Inc.
ELSEVIER (2) Elsevier Science Inc.
UK-MM-PAF (2) United Kingdom Multi-Mission Processing and Archiving Facility
UNISYS/WS (12) Weather Services, UNISYS Corporation
ERIDAN-1 (1) Eridan-1 Ltd.
WGT (2) Weather Graphics Technologies
ESRI (8) Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.
WLDELFT (1) Delft Hydraulics
ESRI-CANADA (2) Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. - Canada

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