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ACB (1) Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
MBG (1) Missouri Botanical Garden
ANS/PHYCOLOGY (1) Phycology Section, Academy of Natural Sciences
MDIWQC (1) Mount Desert Island Water Quality Coalition
AUDUBON/MA (2) Massachusetts Audubon Society
MEDIAS FRANCE (1) Mediterranean Basin and Subtropical Africa Network
BBSR (4) Bermuda Biological Station for Research
MERI (1) Marine Environmental Research Institute
BGC (3) Berkeley Geochronology Center
MWN (1) Mount Washington Observatory
BIFWMS (1) Bowen Island Forest and Water Management Society
NGS (2) National Geographic Society
BIGELOW (2) Bigelow Laboratory of Ocean Sciences
PCCS (2) Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies
CABI/BIO (1) CABI Bioscience, CAB International
REEF (2) Reef Environmental Education Foundation
CBF (1) Chesapeake Bay Foundation
REEF RELIEF (1) Reef Relief Organization
CIESIN (8) Center for International Earth Science Information Network
SAHFOS (2) Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science
CORAL (1) Coral Reef Alliance
SAMAB (2) The Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere
CRED (4) Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters
SANGIS (1) San Diego GIS
DWP (6) Disney Wilderness Preserve
SEPM (1) Society for Sedimentary Geology
ECO/INFO (15) Inforain, Ecotrust
SSC (2) Salem Sound Coastwatch
EFI (2) European Forest Institute
TCBB (1) The Coalition for Buzzards Bay
TLC (1) The Lobster Conservancy
ESR (1) Earth and Space Research
ETI (1) Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification
EWG (1) Environmental Working Group
VCGI (1) Vermont Center for Geographic Information
FOCB (1) Friends of Casco Bay
WATERKEEPER (1) Waterkeeper Alliance
HUNTSMAN-MSC/ARC (4) Huntsman Marine Science Centre, Atlantic Reference Centre
WFC/RB (2) ReefBase, WorldFish Center
IIASA (1) International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
WWF (4) World Wildlife Fund
LISRC (4) Long Island Sound Resource Center
WWSS (2) Watershed Watch Salmon Society

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