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European Diatom Database-ALPE Mountain Lake Dataset
Entry ID: uk_nc_eddi_ALPE

Abstract: The ALPE diatom-pH calibration data-set consists of surface-sediment diatom
assemblages from 118 lakes and contains 530 taxa. The ALPE training set is from
high-altitude or high-latitude lakes in the Alps, Norway, Svalbard, Kola
Peninsula, UK, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Portugal, and Spain. Gravity or
piston corers were used to collect surface-sediment samples of 0.25 or 0.5 cm
thickness, usually ... View entire text
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: 79.67   S: 37.03   E: 37.67   W: -7.62

Data Set Citation
Dataset Originator/Creator: The ALPE participants
Dataset Title: European Diatom Database-ALPE Mountain Lake Dataset
Dataset Release Place: Newcastle, United Kingdom
Dataset Publisher: The University of Newcastle
Online Resource:
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Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 1986-01-01
Stop Date: 1993-01-01
ISO Topic Category
Quality The ALPE data set of 118 lakes is derived from the whole or parts of 5
data sets.
Access Constraints None
Use Constraints None
Data Set Progress
Data Center
European Diatom Database, University of Newcastle, UK Supplemental Info
Data Center URL:
Dataset ID: ALPE

Data Center Personnel
Phone: 44 191 222 8799
Fax: 44 191 222 5421
Email: Stephen.Juggins at
Contact Address:
University of Newcastle
Department of Geography
Newcastle upon Tyne
Fees: None
Phone: 47 55 583350
Fax: 47 55 589667
Email: John.Birks at
Contact Address:
Botanical Institute, University of Bergen,
City: Allegaten 41
Province or State: Bergen
Postal Code: N-5007
Country: Norway
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Cameron, N.G., H.J.B. Birks, V.J. Jones, F. Berge, J. Catalan,
R.J. Flower, J. Garcia, B. Kawecka, K.A. Koinig, A. Marchetto,
P. S?nchez-Castillo, R. Schmidt, M. ?i?ko, N. Solovieva, E. ?tefkov?
& M. Toro, 1999. Surface-sediment and epilithic diatom pH calibration
sets for remote European mountain lakes (AL:PE project) and their
comparison with the Surface Waters Acidification Programme (SWAP)
calibration set. J. Paleolim. 22: 291-317.
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DIF Creation Date: 2002-09-23
Last DIF Revision Date: 2017-08-23
Future DIF Review Date: 2003-09-23