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ACES-ACCENT: Antarctic Climate Change and Nonlinear Teleconnections
Entry ID: GB-NERC-BAS-PDC-00500

Abstract: ACES will investigate the atmospheric and oceanic links that connect the climate of the Antarctic to that of lower latitudes, and their controlling mechanisms. Specific research topics will include the formation and properties of Antarctic clouds, the complexities of the atmospheric boundary layer, and the importance to the global ocean circulation of cold, dense water masses generated in the ... View entire text

Purpose: Objectives include:
* Understand the interactions between atmosphere, sea-ice and ocean at high southern latitudes
* Develop models to aid our understanding of Antarctic regional processes and enable us to represent essential regional phenomena in global models covering both the atmosphere and the ocean
* Determine the nature and influence of the principal connections between Antarctica and the global climate system
* Determine the importance of water masses of Antarctic origin in the global ocean circulation
* Determine the sensitivity of the global climate system to processes occurring or originating in the Antarctic
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Antarctic Environmental Data Centre, British Antarctic Survey, Natural Environment Research Council, United Kingdom Supplemental Info
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Dataset ID: GB-NERC-BAS-PDC-00500

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Polar Data Centre
British Antarctic Survey
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DIF Creation Date: 2013-03-29
Last DIF Revision Date: 2017-08-23