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Atmospheric measurement from four sites in the Ross Sea Region investigating gases, aerosol properties and local weather conditions
Entry ID: K173_1987_1990_NZ_1

Abstract: Gases, aerosol properties and local weather was studied at sites around Ross Island and in McMurdo Sound as part of a programme to describe the properties of the atmospheric aerosol (and gases), to determine how these change in space and time, and to study their effects on physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere. Reasonably long continuous surface based measurements were made at three ... View entire text
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: -77.87   S: -77.87   E: 167.72   W: 167.72
Min Altitude: 0 Max Altitude: 5000
  N: -77.25   S: -77.25   E: 166.35   W: 166.35
Min Altitude: 0 Max Altitude: 5000
  N: -78.01   S: -78.01   E: 165.53   W: 165.53
Min Altitude: 0 Max Altitude: 5000
  N: -77.56   S: -77.56   E: 164.2   W: 164.2
Min Altitude: 0 Max Altitude: 5000

Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 1987-12-15
Stop Date: 1988-01-22
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Quality The data was collected at a time when the New Zealand Division of Science and Industrial Research organisation was restructuring into separate institutes. The timing of this restructuring impacted on the data analysis process and the data was never analysed completely.

For the data collection, a unique data acquisition system was built. The formats of the captured data are now redundant with modern computer systems. The investigator maintains all of the original data (on tapes) and the computer system used. The key data/programming individual has moved on and it would most likely require a lot of effort to extract any useable data for analysis. Please contact the investigator for more information.
Data Set Progress
Data Center
Antarctica New Zealand, New Zealand Antarctic Institute, New Zealand Supplemental Info
Data Center URL:

Data Center Personnel
Phone: +64 3 358 0200
Fax: +64 3 358 0211
Email: s.gordon at
Contact Address:
Antarctica New Zealand
Private Bag 4745
City: Christchurch
Country: New Zealand
Email: g.fisher at
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Harvey, M.J. Fisher, G.W. Lechner, I.S. Isaac, P. Flower, N.E. Dick, A.L. Summertime aerosol measurements in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica. Atmospheric environment 25A(3/4): 569-580, 1991.

Fisher, G.W. Isaac, P. Bromley, A. An incident of clear air precipitation. Weather 44(4): 155-159, 1989.
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