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The Italian Meteo-Climatological Observatory in Antarctica: Air Temperature Measurements by means of an Automatic Weather Station Network
Entry ID: Meteo_ClimObserv_temperature

Abstract: A network for temperature measurements was started with 4 Automatic Weather
Stations in 1987 around Terra Nova Bay (North Victoria Land). It provides
continuous meteo-climatological data and information, according to standard and
reliable procedures, making use of robust methodologies and testing new
procedures. At present, we operate a network of 13 Automatic Weather Stations
working year-round plus 3 working during summer only. Data are achieved,
validated, archived and diffused, and instruments are maintained.
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: -74.8   S: -74.8   E: 163.3   W: 163.3
Min Altitude: 40M Max Altitude: 40M
  N: -73.6   S: -73.6   E: 166.6   W: 166.6
Min Altitude: 160M Max Altitude: 160M
  N: -74.7   S: -74.7   E: 164.1   W: 164.1
Min Altitude: 90M Max Altitude: 90M
  N: -74.7   S: -74.7   E: 164.0   W: 164.0
Min Altitude: 210M Max Altitude: 210M
  N: -73.6   S: -73.6   E: 160.6   W: 160.6
Min Altitude: 1900M Max Altitude: 1900M
  N: -74.1   S: -74.1   E: 163.4   W: 163.4
Min Altitude: 1700M Max Altitude: 1700M
  N: -76.7   S: -76.7   E: 162.9   W: 162.9
Min Altitude: 150M Max Altitude: 150M
  N: -73.0   S: -73.0   E: 169.6   W: 169.6
Min Altitude: 550M Max Altitude: 550M
  N: -74.6   S: -74.6   E: 164.0   W: 164.0
Min Altitude: 420M Max Altitude: 420M
  N: -75.5   S: -75.5   E: 145.8   W: 145.8
Min Altitude: 2200M Max Altitude: 2200M
  N: -71.6   S: -71.6   E: 148.7   W: 148.7
Min Altitude: 2000M Max Altitude: 2000M
  N: -74.7   S: -74.7   E: 164.1   W: 164.1
Min Altitude: 20M Max Altitude: 20M
  N: -74.3   S: -74.3   E: 165.1   W: 165.1
Min Altitude: 30M Max Altitude: 30M
  N: -74.2   S: -74.2   E: 163.2   W: 163.2
Min Altitude: 640M Max Altitude: 640M

Data Set Citation
Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 1987-01-01
Quality The temperature probes (VAISALA DTS12 and VAISALA HMP45D) are platinum
resistance elements PT100 with a precision of +/- 0.13 degrees C at -50
degrees C. The standard range of measure, depending on an electronic
pre-conditioner, is -70 / +30 degrees C.
Use Constraints Property of the P.I. for 5 years
Data Set Progress
Data Center
Meteo-Climatological Observatory, Programma Nazionale di Richerche in Antartide, Italy Supplemental Info
Data Center URL:

Data Center Personnel
Phone: +39-06-30484165
Fax: +39-06-30484893
Email: andrea.pellegrini at
Contact Address:
PNRA/C.R. Casaccia
Sacco postale N. 123
S. P. Anguillarese, 301
City: S. Maria di Galeria (Roma)
Postal Code: 00060
Country: Italy
Distribution Media: Hard Disk
Distribution Format: PC - DOS - ISO 9660
Fees: Free after 5th year
1. Grigioni P. The Italian Antarctic meteorological observatory: technical
activity and some climatological results. In: Meloni A., Morelli A.(eds)
Italian Geophysical observatories in Antarctica. Ed. Compositori, Bologna pp. 135-149. 1996
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