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MonoGIS: A Complete GIS for the Mono Platform
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Abstract: The aim of the present monoGIS project is to implement a complete GIS system on
top of the new, industry-proven mono platform. Instead of the many other
approaches, which try to build a system from scratch, monoGIS is focused on
already existing pieces. Mono is multi-platform, multi-language and
multi-technology. The term multi-technology means that you may couple a variety
a different programming platforms within the same application. Because of this
multi-technology aspect, monoGIS has been built upon the following already
existing sources:

-Shapelib (C)
-Geotools (Java)
-Java Topology Suite (Java)
-Geotools.NET (.NET, C#)
-Deegree (Java)

The monoGIS project objectives are at least:

-a core SDK (let's say a kind of monoGIS Objects)
-tools (e.g. format conversions,coordinate transformations,
polygonization, ..)
-server components, such as an OGC Web Map Service implementation,
-desktop components (viewer, editor & some thin client, such as ArcGIS®

The following formats are supported:

-ESRI Shapefiles
-Geomedia GDO (stored in MDB, SQL Server or Oracle)
-some OGR supported formats (DGN v7, MapInfo, Oracle Spatial)
-JPEG, PNG, TIFF and ECW (Windows only) raster data sets

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Description: Download monoGIS.

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Geographic Information Systems
Mono Platform
Open Source
Raster Data
Vector Data

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SERF Creation Date: 2005-08-19
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