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Copepoda collected from Fletcher's Ice Island (T-3) in the Canadian Basin of the Arctic Ocean.
Entry ID: ArcOD_2008P4

Abstract: This report contains tabulations of abundance of Copepoda collected from Fletcher's Ice Island (T-3) on a drift track in the Canadian Basin of the Arctic Ocean during 1966 and 1967. Samples were taken, using a plankton-pumping system, at 5-m depth intervals from 5 to 185 m, The copepods were identified and enumerated as 25 species, unidentified immature copepodites and nauplii; five species were ... View entire text

Purpose: The objectives of this portion of the study were to evaluate the effectiveness of a plankton-pumping system and two sizes of plankton nets for sampling copepods from Fletcher's Ice Island (T-3), to obtain a description of the vertical and seasonal distributions of the zooplankton.
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: 86.08   S: 73.27   E: -107.33   W: -176.2

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Dataset Originator/Creator: Scott, D.A, English, T.S.
Dataset Title: Copepoda collected from Fletcher's Ice Island (T-3) in the Canadian Basin of the Arctic Ocean.
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Other Citation Details: Technical Report No. 240 Reference M69-62
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Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 1966-06-22
Stop Date: 1970-02-20
PLANKTON NETS Ancillary Description
Quality Between June 1966 and in December 1969, zooplankton samples were collected using either plankton-pumping system. a modified Juday closing net 1m in diameter with a 215 um Nitex mesh , a newly designed net that had a square mouth opening 2m on a side or a 3m2 net with a 215 um Nitex mesh. The volume of water filtered by the nets was estimated by multiplying the area of the mouth opening by the ... View entire text
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