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UV Radiation at Robert Island, South Shetland, Antarctica
Entry ID: 003-94_02

Abstract: Solar ultraviolet radiation measurements by means of chemical actinometry and
spectroradiometric instrumental were carried out at the Risopatron base at
Robert Island, Antarctic, during January 1996. The maxim irradiance of the UV-A
and UV-B spectral range were detected between 13:00 and 14:00 hrs (local time)
under clear sunny days. The actinometric measurements agree our
spectroradiometric determinations and let us propose this method for local and
regional scale measurements after comparing these results to those developed in
the Chilean southamerican territory.
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: -62.22   S: -62.22   E: -59.42   W: -59.42

Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 1996-01-11
Stop Date: 1996-01-30
Quality The UV radiation was measured daily in Risopatron Base, Robert Island, South
Shetland Island in January 1996. It was used an UVX espectroradiometer of UV-A
band and UV-B and a chemical actinometer sensitive to the total UV spectrum.
The actinometer used was a metatonic solution of o-nitrobenzaldehido. The
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Fernandez, E., Morales, R. y Quilhot, H. (1996), Radiacion UV solar en isla Robert, Serie Científica INACH 46, 113-119, Shetland del Sur, Antártica
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