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Persistent Organic Pollutants at the base of the Antarctic marine food web
Entry ID: ECA029

Abstract: Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) are, together with PAHs, between the substances being considered for inclusion in the Stockholm Convention other than the so called dirty dozen. Researchers measured brominated diphenyl ethers (BDEs), organic compounds produced for use as flame retardants and exactly BDE-47, -99, and -100, in sea ice algae and water column plankton, collected in the Palmer ... View entire text
Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 2001-09-07
Stop Date: 2001-10-26

Start Date: 2002-01-01
Stop Date: 2002-03-30
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Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary Supplemental Info
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Phone: 804 684 7247
Fax: 804 684 7786
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Gloucester point
Province or State: Virginia
Postal Code: 23062
Country: USA
Reference List

Chiuchiolo, A. L., Dickhut, R. M., Cochran, M. A., and Ducklow, H. W., 2004: Persistent organic pollutants at the base of the Antarctic marine food web. Environmental Science & Technology, 38, 3551-3557.

Joiris, C., Overloop, W., 1991. PCBs and organochlorine pesticides in phytoplankton
and zooplankton in the Indian sector of the Southern ocean. Antarct Sci., 3, 371–

Lukowski, AB., Ligowski, R., 1988. Contamination of Antarctic Marine Phytoplankton
by Chlorinated Hydrocarbons. Pol Polar Res., 9 (2-3), 399-408.
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