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Fossil crabs and worms from Seymour Island
Entry ID: Antarctic_Fossil_Invertebrates

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Abstract: Species of fossil decapod collected in the La Meseta Formation (Eocene),
Seymour Island, Antarctica:

-Systematic list of Decapods from the La Meseta Formation
-La Meseta Decapod Localities
-Stratigraphic Distribution of Decapods in La Meseta Formation
-Map of Decapod Distributions in La Meseta Formation
-La Meseta Stratigraphic Column

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Description: Invertebrate Paleontology Research at Kent State University - Grant Activity
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Dataset ID: Antarctic Fossil Invertebrates

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R. M. Feldmann, C. E. Schweitzer and S. A. Marenssi. Decapod crustaceans from
the Eocene La Meseta Formation, Seymour Island, Antarctica: a model for
preservation of decapods, Journal of the Geological Society, London, Vol. 160,
No. 1, 2003, pp. 151-160(10) (

C. E. Schweitzer, R. M. Feldmann, S. Marenssi and D. A. Waugh. 2005. Remarkably
preserved annelid worms from the La Meseta Formation (Eocene), Seymour Island,
Antarctica. Palaeontology 48(1):1-13.
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