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Ancient Lake Level (Caspian Sea and Aral Sea) Paleoclimate Data

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Abstract: The lake level dataset contains data on the reconstructed extent of the Aral
and Caspian Seas during the last glacial maximum 18,000 YBP. The
reconstructions were made by Olga Dennisenko (Department of Geography, Moscow
State University), Sandy Harrison (Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala
University), Colin Prentice (Department of Plant Ecology, Lund University), and
Martin Sykes (Department ... View entire text
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Description: Access to Aral Sea and Caspian Sea data
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Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: 50.0   S: 33.0   E: 65.0   W: 45.0

Data Set Citation
Dataset Originator/Creator: Harrison, S., et al.
Dataset Title: Lake Status Records, Caspian and Aral Seas
Dataset Series Name: IGBP PAGES/WDC Data Contribution Series #: 91-008
Dataset Release Date: August 1991
Dataset Release Place: Boulder, CO
Dataset Publisher: IGBP PAGES/World Data Center for Paleoclimatology
Issue Identification: 91-008
Other Citation Details: NOAA/NCDC Paleoclimatology Program
Online Resource:
Paleo Temporal Coverage
Paleo Start Date: 18000 ybp
Paleo Stop Date: 0 ybp
Chrono Unit: Chrono Unit:
Data Resolution
Latitude Resolution: 0.5 degree
Longitude Resolution: 0.5 degree
Horizontal Resolution Range: 50 km - < 100 km or approximately .5 degree - < 1 degree
Use Constraints If you wish to use this data set as a mask for LGM simulations, please cite
Prentice et al. (1993) as the source. Please note, there is new data which
suggests that the extent of these lakes may have been somewhat smaller than
implied by the information given in Kvasov (1975a, 1975b). A new data set is
currently being prepared and will be included on this website in the near
Data Set Progress
Originating Center
Data Center
World Data Center for Paleoclimatology, Boulder Supplemental Info
Data Center URL:

Data Center Personnel
Phone: +1 (303) 497-6160
Fax: +1 (303) 497-6513
Email: paleo at
Contact Address:
World Data Center for Paleoclimatology
325 Broadway
City: Boulder
Province or State: CO
Postal Code: 80303
Country: USA
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Distribution Media: online - FTP
Distribution Format: ascii, zip, pdf
Fees: none
Phone: +44 (0)117 33 17223
Fax: +44 (0)117 928 7878
Email: sandy.harrison at
Contact Address:
School of Geographical Sciences
University of Bristol
University Road
City: Bristol
Postal Code: BS8 1SS
Country: United Kingdom
Kvasov, D.D., 1975. The Late Quaternary History of Large Lakes and Inland Seas of Eastern Europe. Lenningrad, 248pp. (Russian Language)
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