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The Biodiversity & Environmental Resource Data System of Belize (BERDS)
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Abstract: The Biodiversity & Environmental Resource Data System of Belize (BERDS) is a
community-driven biodiversity and environmental data warehouse and research
tool set. What makes BERDS unique is its integrated spatial approach to data
analysis, management and dissemination. BERDS merges a wide array of useful
data resources (e.g., documents, people, organisations, projects, specimen
collections, ... View entire text
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Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: 18.0   S: 17.0   E: -86.0   W: -88.0

Access Constraints BERDS System Objectives - The purpose of BERDS is to promote, co-ordinate,
design and implement the compilation, linking, standardisation, digitisation
and dissemination of Belize's biodiversity, environmental and natural resources
data, within an appropriate framework of due acknowledgement of data ownership,
privacy of sensitive data and promotion ... View entire text
Ancillary Keywords
Data Set Progress
Data Center
Belize Tropical Forest Studies Supplemental Info
Data Center URL:

Data Center Personnel
Email: info(at)
Country: Belize
Meerman, J. C. and J. Clabaugh (ed.) 2006. Biodiversity and Environmental
Resource Data System of Belize. Internet address:
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Creation and Review Dates
DIF Creation Date: 2006-12-28
Last DIF Revision Date: 2017-08-24