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Stratospheric Ozone profiles from DIAL-Raman lidar at Dumont d'Urville, Antarctica
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Abstract: Instrument History:

Since 1989, France leads a monitoring program on human impacts on the Antarctic polar stratosphere. A set of instruments designed to measure ozone and
parameters linked to its chemical equilibrium, were implemented on the French Antarctic base, Dumont d'Urvillee. The French Polar Institute (IPEV, Institut Polaire Fran�ais Paul-Emile Victor) supplies recurrent funding and logistics. In this frame, ground-based lidar aerosol and PSC observations were first conducted within the POLE (Polar Ozone Experiment), a French-Italian collaboration between the Service d' Aeronomie-IPSL and the IROE-CNR. In 1989, a backscatter lidar to measure stratospheric particles was implemented. In 1991, this lidar became a multiwavelength system allowing sequential observations of the vertical distribution of ozone and stratospheric particles. Failures of this out of date instrument forced to completely stop ozone measurement in 2000. Stratospheric particles observations continued, but were almost unexploitable. A new instrument was then studied, since 2002, within a new French-Italian collaboration between Service d' Aeronomie-IPSL (becoming LATMOS-IPSL in 2009) and ISAC-CNR. Named LOANA (Lidar Ozone and Aerosols of NDACC in Antarctica), this new lidar system in Dumont d'Urville includes the upgrade of the aerosol/PSC lidar, of the ozone lidar and addition of a temperature lidar. Field implementation started in 2005 for a one year test. Stratospheric particles and temperature measurement are operational since 2006. Ozone measurements only started in 2008, due to THG (Third Harmonic Generator) and PM (Photo-Multipliers) failures. Today, this lidar system is the most complete and is unique on the Antarctic continent. In particular, the ozone lidar in Dumont d'Urville was and is now again the sole instrument of that type running in an operational mode in Antarctica.

Instrument Description:

The ozone lidar in Dumont d'Urville is a DIAL system able to measure stratospheric ozone at altitudes between 8 and 40 km. It has common part with the aerosols/PSC and temperature lidar (see Dumont d'Urville aerosols/PSC lidar metafile). Here are the main characteristics of the instrument:

- Emitted wavelengths of 532 and 1064 nm (Nd:YAG 10 Hz pulsed laser)
- Aer/PSC/T and O3 switch box (manual change optical path)
- Biaxial emission (~ 60 cm out of alignment)
- Beam expander to get 0.5 mrad beam divergence
- 80 cm Newton telescope
- Mechanical chopper (cut signal between 0-5 km)
- First beam splitter: UV / Visible and IR
- Hamamatsu photomultipliers for 532 nm and 608 nm
- Embedded Devices photodiode for 1064 nm
- Photo-counting mode at 532 nm and 608 nm (60 m vertical resolution)
- Analog mode at 1064 nm (15 m vertical resolution)
- Aer/PSC/T and ozone electronical switch
- Embedded Devices electronic acquisition cards
- Labview acquisition software (developed in 2008)

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Description: Access data through NDACC data base : ftp
data extraction for Dumont d'Urville lidar
(Aerosols/PSC and Ozone)

Geographic Coverage
 N: -66.686 S: -66.686  E: 140.0  W: 140.0
 Min Altitude: 8 KM  Max Altitude: 40 KM

Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 1991-04-20
Stop Date: 2001-11-01

Start Date: 2008-02-09

Location Keywords

Data Resolution
Latitude Resolution: 66.666667
Longitude Resolution: 140.016667
Vertical Resolution: 60 m

Science Keywords

OBSERVATORIES    [Information]

DIAL >Differential Absorption Lidar    [Information]

NDACC >The international Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change    [Information]

Access Constraints
Public data. Please inform investigator before using data. Email:

Use Constraints
Please acknowledge NDACC and IPEV in any presentation or publication using data. Please cite investigator in any presentation or publication using data. Email:

Stratospheric Ozone Profiles
DIAL-Raman Lidar

Data Set Progress

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Distribution_Size: ~40 Mo
Distribution_Format: ASCII > American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Fees: Free

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