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MODIS/Terra Near Real Time (NRT) L3 Value-added Aerosol Optical Depth

Abstract: MODIS was launched aboard the Terra satellite on December 18, 1999 (10:30 am equator crossing time) as part of NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS) mission. MODIS with its 2330 km viewing swath width provides almost daily global coverage. It acquires data in 36 high spectral resolution bands between 0.415 to 14.235 micron with spatial resolutions of 250m(2 bands), 500m(5 bands),and 1000m (29 ... View entire text
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Description: Near real-time (NRT) data are available from MODAPS for certain Aqua and Terra MODIS L0, L1, L2, L2G, and L3 products. Whereas the standard MODIS forward processing acquires 2-hour L0 files for Aqua and Terra from EDOS within 7-8 hours of real time, LANCE-MODIS acquires session-based L0 files from EDOS and the end of the session is available within 10-30 minutes after real time.
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Geographic Coverage
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Spatial coordinates   
  N: 90.0   S: -90.0   E: 180.0   W: -180.0

Data Set Citation
Version: 5NRT
Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 2015-12-27
Stop Date: 2016-01-07
Data Resolution
Temporal Resolution: 6 hr
Quality The 'version 051' or 'collection 051' product is the latest version available. The quality of this version 051 product is established as 'Validated' . This means its accuracy has been assessed over a widely distributed set of locations and time periods via several ground-truth and validation efforts. Results are peer-reviewed and published at scientific conferences and workshops.
Use Constraints Near real-time products are generated and available to registered users via FTP with an average latency of less than 3 hours. These products should be used in fields where timeliness of data is vital to the program, such as numerical weather prediction and forecasting, monitoring of natural hazards, disaster relief, agriculture and homeland security. ... View entire text
Data Set Progress
Extended Metadata Properties
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Creation and Review Dates
DIF Creation Date: 2013-01-07
Last DIF Revision Date: 2016-01-27