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Eggs and chicks MDO Alaska
Entry ID: 1162_0_IPEV_FR

Abstract: Information on every egg and chick laid and hatched in one study plot, the Tower, on Middleton Island. One file per year, 2004-2009 (ongoing project). One line per egg. It contains the identity of the parents, the dates of laying, hatching, lost or death, the measurements of the egg and chick (measurements every 5 days after hatching), etc.
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: 59.45   S: 59.45   E: 146.33   W: 146.33

Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 2004-05-01
ISO Topic Category
Quality 1. Each data set includes a sheet describing the meaning and coding of the variables.
2. Information about measurements are also provided.
Access Constraints 1. For the moment, data are not accessible on the web.
2. Access can thus be obtained through the main investigator.
Use Constraints 1. Data should not be used without contacting data provider.
2. In case of use of some data, please cite data provider.
3. In case of use of a significant chunk of data, data provider may ask for authorship.
4. In any case reference should be made to the French IPEV for providing the data.
Data Set Progress
Data Center
Laboratoire Evolution et Diversite Biologique, CNRS/Universite de la Mediterranee
Data Center URL:

Data Center Personnel
Phone: +33 5 61 55 65 85
Fax: +33 5 61 55 73 27
Email: edanchin at
Contact Address:
Toulouse III 118, route de Narbonne Bt 4R3 - B2
City: Toulouse
Postal Code: 31062
Country: France
Distribution Media: ELECTRONIC MEDIA > E-mail
Distribution Format: EXCEL > Microsoft Excel
Email: sarah.leclaire at
Contact Address:
Laboratoire EDB - Toulouse III 118, route de Narbonne Bt 4R3 - B2
City: Toulouse
Postal Code: 31062
Country: France
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Mulard, H., Danchin, É., Talbot, S. L., Ramey, A. M., Hatch, S. A., White, J. F., Helfenstein, F. and Wagner, R. H. Evidence that pairing with genetically similar mates is maladaptive in a monogamous bird. BMC Evolutionnary Biology, 9: 147.

White, J. F., Wagner, R. H., Helfenstein, F., Hatch, S. A., Mulard, H., Naves, L. C. and Danchin, E. 2008. Multiple deleterious effects of experimentally aged sperm in a monogamous bird. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 105: 13947–13952.
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