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Entry ID: GB-NERC-BAS-PDC-00514

Abstract: Ocean food webs modify the efficiency with which CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere into the sea, fixed by phytoplankton in the surface layers and then transported to the ocean interior. This so-called &biological pump& buffers about one-third of the CO2 released from all human activities. Our priority is to understand the Southern Ocean ecosystem and its interconnections sufficiently well to be ... View entire text

Purpose: Objectives include:
1. To describe the spatial and temporal distributions of the major species within each food web.
2. To quantify the major energy flows.
3. To understand the key factors controlling energy flow in the food web including
a) responses to variable food supply and,
b) implications for carbon export
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Description: National collaborator/ partner: Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre
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Antarctic Environmental Data Centre, British Antarctic Survey, Natural Environment Research Council, United Kingdom Supplemental Info
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Dataset ID: GB-NERC-BAS-PDC-00514

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Polar Data Centre
British Antarctic Survey
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British Antarctic Survey
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Bearhop S, Phillips RA, McGill R, Cherel Y, Dawson DA & Croxall JP. (in press) Stable isotopes indicate sex-specific and long-term individual foraging specialisation in diving seabirds. Marine Ecology Progress Series. Cherel Y, Phillips RA and McGill R. (in press). Stable isotope evidence of diverse species-specific and individual wintering strategies in seabirds. Biology Letters. Collins MA & ... View entire text
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