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Collaborative Research: IPY, The Next Generation: A Community Ice Sheet Model for Scientists and Educators With Demonstration Experiments in Amundsen Sea Embayment Region
Entry ID: Tulaczyk0632346

Abstract: This award supports a project to create a "Community Ice Sheet Model (CISM)". The intellectual merit of the proposed activity is that the development of such a model will aid in advancing the science of ice sheet modeling. The model will be developed with the goal of assuring that CISM is accurate, robust, well documented, intuitive, and computationally efficient. The development process will ... View entire text

Purpose: The UCSC component of this project was concerned with ice-bed interactions. Representation of basal resistance to ice flow in ice sheet models has been quite rudimentary in the past. Yet, ice sheet models represent our best tool for predicting near future contribution of Antarctica to near future global sea level rise. Observational glaciological research around the world indicates that subglacial water represents an important control on ice flow velocity. Therefore, we concentrated on assessing subglacial meltwater generation and fluxes as part of this project. Particular geographic focus of this work has been on the section of the Antarctic ice sheet draining into the Amundsen Sea Embayment.
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