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IPY-100 - Polar Field Stations and IPY History: Culture, Heritage, Governance (1882-Present)
Entry ID: GB-NERC-BAS-PDC-00471

Abstract: Field stations have been through one of the most salient and tangible features of IPYs since 1882-83 and through to the coming IPY 2007-08. Field stations, and the scientific expeditions that created them and used them as vantage points, are inseperable from polar research. They form important parts of the infrastructure of polar research in the past two centuries. They have also served as flag ... View entire text

Purpose: Through the cooperation between a set of local, national and disciplinary specialists and groups, in the form of an international network, the programme intends to make IPY itself the legitimate and significant study of IPY. Research within the IPY Field Stations Programme can be located within five main contexts:
1) History of IPYs and the Field Sciences
* The rationale of research ... View entire text
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Antarctic Environmental Data Centre, British Antarctic Survey, Natural Environment Research Council, United Kingdom Supplemental Info
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Dataset ID: GB-NERC-BAS-PDC-00471

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Polar Data Centre
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Smithsonian Institute
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Krupnik, I., Bravo, M., Csonka, Y., Hovelsund-Broda, G., Müller-Wille, L., Poppel, B., Schweitzer, P. and S. Sörlin. 2005. Social Sciences and Humanities in the International Polar Year 2007-2008: An Integrating Mission. Arcitc. 58 (1); 91-101. Bravo, M. 2008. Archive Fever. Bipolar: Arts Catalyst.
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