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Molecular and Physiological Data on Nudibranch Adults and Egg Masses; Pycnogonid Physiology and Morphology
Entry ID: ANT-0551969

Abstract: We collected egg masses and adults of 15 lineages of nudibranchs from McMurdo Sound from several sites within a 50-mile radius of McMurdo Station. We collected CO1 and 18S sequence which we deposited in GenBank with a 1-year hold that expires August 2010. Photographs of adults of all taxa and egg masses from six were also taken and will be archived with the online library of the Census of Marine Life Project. Adult specimens of each lineage of nudibranch will be deposited at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

We also collected 49 specimens of pycnogonids, identified them to species, and deposited them with Claudia Arango at the Queensland Museum in Australia.
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Woods, H.A., A.L. Moran, C.P. Arango, L. Mullen* and C. Shields*. (2009), Oxygen hypothesis of polar gigantism not supported by performance of Antarctic pycnogonids in hypoxia, Proceedings of the Royal Society B 276, 1069–1075
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