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Dust Logging at Dome C for Abrupt Climate Changes, Large Volcanic Eruptions and Bolide Impacts
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Abstract: This award supports a project to make high-resolution logs of dust and ash in the Dome C borehole using an optical dust logger. The dust logger employs a temperature-regulated diode laser at 404 nm wavelength near the absorption minimum for glacial ice, a photon counting detector, onboard computer control and DSL telemetry to the surface. The logger shines light into the ice surrounding a ... View entire text

Purpose: The logger probes an area of order m2 of the horizon compared to the ~0.02 m2 core, greatly suppressing depositional noise and making the technique immune to core damage or loss. The method achieves unprecedented resolution of climate variations for matching or comparing ice core records, can detect particulate layers from explosive fallout which are invisible or missing in the core, and often ... View entire text
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Description: This webpage makes all of our Dome C optical logging data available for other researchers. The data are fully processed and depths have been corrected to the core using known features. We also include a working list of optical anomalies that suggest the presence of thin opaque fallout layers, typically from volcanic eruptions.
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: -75.1   S: -75.1   E: 123.35   W: 123.35

Data Set Progress
Data Center
NSIDC Antarctic Glaciological Data Center Supplemental Info
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National Snow and Ice Data Center
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Physics Department
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R. C. Bay, R. A. Rohde, P. B. Price, and N. E. Bramall, "South Pole paleowind from automated synthesis of ice core records," J. Geophys. Res. 115 (2010).

Price, P. B.; Rohde, R. A.; Bay, R. C. "Fluxes of microbes, organic aerosols, dust, sea-salt Na ions, non-sea-salt Ca ions, and methanesulfonate onto Greenland and Antarctic ice," Biogeosciences 6 (2009).

Rohde, R. A.. "Development and use of the Berkeley Fluorescence Spectrometer to characterize microbial content and detect volcanic ash in glacial ice," Ph.D. thesis, UC Berkeley (2009).

Rohde, R. A.; Price, P. B.; Bay, R. C.; Bramall, N. E. "In situ microbial metabolism as a cause of gas anomalies in ice," of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 2008.
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