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NITEDC: nitrate concentration and isotopic composition of a 6m snow pit collected at Dome C (East inland Antarctica) in 2004.
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Abstract: This database presents the concentration in ppbw and isotopic ratios of O and N (in permil with respect to SMOW reference for oxygen isotopes and air-N2 for nitrogen isotopes) of snow collected in a 6m snow pit at Dome C (East Antarctica) close to the French Italian station Concordia, in January 2003. The depth resolution is around 5cm. large polyethylene bags were filled with snow at each depth. The snow was retrograded to France where concentrations and isotopic ratios (18O/16O, 17O/16O and 15N/14N) were measured using the FIA nitrate method (Cd + NED) and the denitrifying bacteria method respectively. Dataset is organized as depth, concentration and isotope ratios columns in excel file.
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Quality Isotope ratios are calibrated against international standards provided by the IAEA (nitrate USGS32, USGS34, USGS35). Nitrate concentrations are calibrated against internal laboratory standards based on weight.
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