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Bedrock topography over the entire drainage basin of the Astrolabe outlet glacier, Terre Ad?lie Sector, Antarctica
Entry ID: 1053_1_IPEV_FR

Abstract: All these data over the Astrolabe Glacier have been collected in the framework of a better understanding of the specific dynamics of outlet glaciers in Antarctica.

The major set is represented by the bedrock subglacial topography, most of which has been obtained from airborne radar soundings covering the entire drainage basin (roughly 200 x 40 km) at the average resolution of 5 km. The ... View entire text
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: -66.69   S: -68.32   E: 140.15   W: 137.59
Min Altitude: 0 M Max Altitude: 2100 M

Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 2007-12-15
Quality Radar data on an irregular grid. Given the apparently rough topography, final results may be fairly sensitive tothe interpolation scheme.. which makes comparison of the 2 data sets (The 2 US campaigns) sometimes difficult.

Differential GPS accuracy not systematically attained due to strong ionospheric perturbations over the area (vicinity of the south magnetic pole). Some alternative processing is still under way. Some of these measurements will have to be reconsidered and/or repeated during the forthcoming season (2009/10).
Access Constraints Some of these data are still under processing and have not been entirely published yet. Also, due to technical problems, some of these data will have to be acquired again with updated devices (GPS with longer range radio communications allowing for Real Time Kinematic measurements over longer distances) .

Last, data relative to the deformation network will only be available after revisiting the remote GPS devices left on the glacier last season (a real time data transfer system will be installed on these GPSs next season). The network comprising 5 GPS stations so far will be completed (normally to a total of 12) during the 2009/10 field season.
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