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Open Seismic Hazard Analysis

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Description: Attenuation Relationship Plotter:

This application can be used to plot Attenuation Relationship curves. Specifically, the mean, standard deviation, probability of exceeding a given IML, or the IML that has a given probability of exceedance can can be plotted (on the Y-axis) as a function of whatever independent parameters the Attenuation Relationship depends upon. Any independent parameter that represents a numerical value can be used for the X axis.

Description: Hazard Curve Calculator:

This application allows one to compute and plot Hazard Curves for a specified IMT, IMR, ERF, and Site.

Description: Hazard Spectrum Calculator/Plotter:

This application can be used to compute and plot hazard spectra. This can be done for either probabilistic spectra (for a specified IMR, ERF, and Site), or for deterministic spectra.

Description: Scenario ShakeMap Calculator/Plotter:

This application can be used to compute and plot Scenario ShakeMaps for chosen IMR , Earthquake Rupture, and Geographic Region.

Description: Hazard Data Set Curve Plotter:

This application allows one to plot individual curves from a Hazard Data Set (hazard curves at a grid of locations) that has already been computed (e.g., using the Hazard Data Set Calculator).

Description: Magnitude-Frequency Distribution Plotter:

This application can be used to plot magnitude-frequency distributions of magnitude PDFs.

Description: GMT Map Plotter:

This allows one to generate a GMT image map for URL-accessible data.

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