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FourPt - An Unsteady, One-Dimensional, Open-Channel Flow Model
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Abstract: FOURPT is a numerical model for simulating unsteady, one-dimensional flow in networks of open channels. Options particularly useful in training or prototyping include selection of governing equations (kinematic, diffusion, or dynamic), boundary-value perturbation, and user-programmable constraint equations. The model can simulate non- trivial concepts, such as flow in complex interconnected channel networks, meandering channels with variable effective flow lengths, hydraulic structures defined by unique three-parameter relations, and density-driven flow. Channel geometry may be rectangular, trapezoidal, or irregular depending upon which of three channel- property modules is linked with the program.

[Summary provided by the USGS.]
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Description: Download FourPt.

The Free Software Foundation's gunzip is necessary to uncompress the UNIX tar files available below. However, some World Wide Web browsers automatically uncompress retrieved files. Thus, running gunzip as stated in the installation instructions may be unnecessary.
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Service Citation
Originators: DeLong, L.L., Thompson, D.B. and Lee, J.K.
Title: FourPt - An Unsteady, One-Dimensional, Open-Channel Flow Model
Release_Date: 1997
Provider: U.S. Geological Survey
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FOURPT is written in Fortran 77 with the following extensions: use of include files, variable names longer than 6 characters, use of mixed case, and unformatted read of internal file. Memory requirements depend on array dimensioning parameters in include files. Generally, the program is easily adapted to most computer systems. The code has been used on UNIX-based computers, Macintosh, and DOS-based 386 or greater computers having a math coprocessor and 4 mb of memory.

WARNING: FOURPT is coded such that local variables are expected to be static (that is, local variables need to retain their values upon exit of a routine). Thus, the appropriate compiler option(s) must be specified to produce reliable results.
Ancillary Keywords
Flow Model
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Service Provider
DOI/USGS/WRD/OSW > Office of Surface Water, Water Resource Division, USGS, U.S. Department of the Interior Supplemental Info
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Service Provider Personnel
Email: h2osoft at
Contact Address:
Hydrologic Analysis Software Support Program
437 National Center
City: Reston
Province or State: VA
Postal Code: 20192
Country: USA
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Distribution_Media: Online
Fees: No fees
Email: jfulford at
Contact Address:
U.S. Geological Survey
Office of Surface Water
Building 2101, Mail Stop 1515
City: Stennis Space Center
Province or State: MS
Postal Code: 39529
Country: USA
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DeLong, L.L., 1986, Extension of the unsteady one-dimensional open- channel flow equations for flow simulation in meandering channels with flood plains, in Subitzky, S., ed., selected papers in the hydrologic sciences: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper 2290, p. 101-105.

DeLong, L.L., 1993, A numerical model for learning concepts of streamflow simulation, in National Conference on ... View entire text
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