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Temperature, salinity and current turbulence along an east to west transect across McMurdo Sound - K131_2007_2013_NZ_1
Entry ID: K131_2007_2013_NZ_1

Abstract: The oceanography of McMurdo Sound was investigated by collecting current meter data, water samples, ice cores, under ice turbulence and Conductivity (salinity)-Temperature-Depth (CTD) profiles of the full depth of the water column were collected along an east to west transect across the sound. At each site, approximately 5 kms apart, a hole was drilled in the ice, observations of temperature, ... View entire text
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Description: Antarctic Fast ice Network IPY proposal
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
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1.   N: -77.58   S: -77.87   E: 167.0   W: 164.0  
Min Depth: 0 Max Depth: 600
2.   N: -77.7   S: -77.88   E: 166.73   W: 166.33  
Min Depth: 0 Max Depth: 500
3.   N: -77.79   S: -77.88   E: 166.79   W: 166.5  
Min Depth: 0M Max Depth: 500M
4.   N: 77.87   S: 77.87   E: 166.72   W: 166.72  
Min Depth: 0 Max Depth: 50

Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 2007-11-11
Stop Date: 2007-12-11
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Quality The water column data is held by NIWA in machine readable form. Please contact Mike Williams: m.williams@niwa.co.nz

Sea ice data is held at the University of Otago. Some data in machine readable form, most in lab note books or photographic images. Please contact Pat Langhorne: pjl@physics.otago.ac.nz

Please contact the investigators for more information.
Data Set Progress
Data Center
Antarctica New Zealand, New Zealand Antarctic Institute, New Zealand Supplemental Info
Data Center URL: http://www.antarcticanz.govt.nz/

Data Center Personnel
Phone: (03) 358 0200
Fax: (03) 358 0211
Email: c.maclaurin at antarcticanz.govt.nz
Contact Address:
Antarctica New Zealand
Private Bag 4745
City: Christchurch 8140
Country: New Zealand
Phone: +64 4 931 3000
Fax: +64 4 931 3754
Email: t.haskell at irl.cri.nz
Contact Address:
Industrial Research Ltd.
Gracefield Road
PO BOX 31310
City: Lower Hutt
Country: New Zealand
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Dempsey, D.E., Langhorne, P.J., Robinson, N.J., Williams, M.J.M., Haskell, T.G. and Frew, R.D. 2010. Observation and modelling of platelet ice fabric in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research 115: CO1007, doi: 10.1029/2008JC005264.
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