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Using rock and sediment samples from raised beach ridges and glacier moraines for dating to determine the extent of the ice sheet during the last glacial maximum
Entry ID: K043_1996_1998_NZ_2

Abstract: Raised beaches on the coast of McMurdo Sound have developed since the last glacial maximum approximately 20,000 year ago when the ice sheets were at their greatest extent. The weight of the overlying ice depressed the land which has slowly rebounded after the ice melted, forming a series of beach ridges. The beach ridges and associated rock platforms were dated using three different methods and ... View entire text
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
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1.   N: -77.47   S: -77.47   E: 163.76   W: 163.76  
2.   N: -77.43   S: -77.43   E: 163.77   W: 163.77  
3.   N: -77.35   S: -77.35   E: 163.55   W: 163.55  
4.   N: -77.3   S: -77.3   E: 163.53   W: 163.53  
5.   N: -77.23   S: -77.23   E: 163.8   W: 163.8  
6.   N: -77.48   S: -77.48   E: 163.83   W: 163.83  
7.   N: -77.05   S: -77.05   E: 163.18   W: 163.18  
8.   N: -77.0   S: -77.0   E: 162.53   W: 162.53  
9.   N: -76.23   S: -76.23   E: 163.0   W: 163.0  
10.   N: -77.23   S: -77.23   E: 166.47   W: 166.47  
11.   N: -72.32   S: -72.32   E: 170.22   W: 170.22  
12.   N: -77.43   S: -77.43   E: 163.74   W: 163.74  

Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 1997-01-01
Stop Date: 1997-02-01

Start Date: 1998-01-15
Stop Date: 1998-02-13
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Quality This study was the field work of a PhD thesis. All the data is contained within the thesis appendix.
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Antarctica New Zealand, New Zealand Antarctic Institute, New Zealand Supplemental Info
Data Center URL: http://www.antarcticanz.govt.nz/

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Phone: +64 3 358 0200
Fax: +64 3 358 0211
Email: s.gordon at antarcticanz.govt.nz
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Antarctica New Zealand
Private Bag 4745
City: Christchurch
Country: New Zealand
Email: julieq at tpg.com.au
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Quinn, J.M. 2003. Constraining the Ross embayment glacial history from raised shorelines in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. PhD thesis, Australia National University, Canberra, Australia.
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