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Recordings from the lateral line nerve of Trematomus pennelli to determine if superficial neuromasts can be identified in the lateral line nerves
Entry ID: K012_1998_2000_NZ_1

Abstract: To determine if the superficial neuromasts, capable of reporting constant smooth water movement, can be identified in the lateral line nerves of Antarctic fish species was investigated. Recordings of the lateral line nerve of Trematomus pennelli to non-turbulent water flow was conducted with 65 lateral line units recorded from a total of 12 fish.

Responses were in three broad categories:
a) Phasic unit, which responded only to changing water velocities,
b) Tonic units, which continued to respond while water was flowing at a constant velocity and
c) units with no measurable response to water velocity or to changes in water velocity.
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: -77.85   S: -77.85   E: 166.75   W: 166.75

Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 1998-11-19
Stop Date: 1998-12-15

Start Date: 1999-12-02
Stop Date: 1999-12-16
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Data Center
Antarctica New Zealand, New Zealand Antarctic Institute, New Zealand Supplemental Info
Data Center URL: http://www.antarcticanz.govt.nz/

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Phone: +64 3 358 0200
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Antarctica New Zealand
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Country: New Zealand
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Omiha Farm
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Carton, A.G. Montgomery, J.C. Responses of lateral line receptors to water flow in the Antarctic notothenioid, Trematomus bernacchii. Polar biology 25: 789-793, 2002.

Carton, G. Responses of anterior lateral line afferent neurones to water flow and odour-conditioned rheotaxis in Anguilla spp. Ph.D., University of Auckland, 2001.
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