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Hydrocarbon Spills on Antarctic Soil
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Abstract: Antarctic exploration and research have led to some significant although localized impacts on the environment. Human impacts Occur around current or past scientific research stations, typically located on ice-free areas that are predominantly soils. Fuel spills, the most common occurrence, have the potential to cause the greatest environmental impact in the Antarctic through accumulation of ... View entire text
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Aislabie, J. M., Balks, M. R., Foght, J. M., and Waterhouse, E. J., 2004: Hydrocarbon spills on Antarctic soils: Effects and management. Environmental Science & Technology, 38, 1265-1274.

Balks, M.R., Paetzold, R.F., Kimble J.M., Aislabie J., Campbell I.B., 2002. The diversity of microflora and microfauna and the thermal and moisture regimes of soils from contaminated and pristine soils from Scott Base, Marble Point and Bull Pass, Wright Valley. Antarct. Sci., 14, 319-326
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