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BIOME 6000 (v4.2): Vegetation Maps for the Mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum
Entry ID: BIOME6000

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Abstract: The Palaeovegetation Mapping Project (generally known as BIOME 6000: Prentice
and Webb, 1998) was inaugurated in 1994 with the aim of providing global maps
describing the vegetation patterns at 6000±500 yr B.P. (on the radiocarbon time
scale) and the last glacial maximum (defined as 18,000±1000 yr B.P. on the
radiocarbon time scale, equivalent to 21,000 yr B.P. on the calendar time
scale) for use ... View entire text
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Description: Access information and download data

Description: BIOME 6000 data is also available from the Paleoclimate Modeling
Intercomparison Project - Phase II
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: 90.0   S: -90.0   E: 180.0   W: -180.0

Data Set Citation
Dataset Originator/Creator: Prentice et al. (2000), Harrison et al. (2001), Bigelow et al. (2003) and Pickett et al. (2004)
Dataset Title: Vegetation Maps For The Mid-Holocene And Last Glacial Maximum
Dataset Series Name: BIOME 6000
Dataset Release Place: Bristol, UK
Dataset Publisher: University of Bristol, School of Geographical Sciences
Version: Version 4.2
Online Resource:
Paleo Temporal Coverage
Paleo Start Date: 18000 ybp
Paleo Stop Date: 6000 ybp
Chrono Unit: Chrono Unit:
Quality Please note: the data sets contain information about the quality of the dating
control at each time period (DC6 = dating control at 6000 yr B.P., DC18 =
dating control at the last glacial maximum) using the COHMAP dating control
schemes, as described in Yu and Harrison (1995). We stongly recommend that you
only use sites with a dating control <7 in making data-model comparisons
(giving 1116 modern sites, 1636 sites at 6000 yr B.P., 224 sites at 18,000 yr
B.P. ). Sites with no explicit dating control should be included.